Lukuralli Readathon inspires children to read

Taksvärkki ry’s Lukuralli Readathon campaign inspires students to read and helps them understand the significance of literacy. Reading is an essential element that greatly affects the development of skills, imagination and creativity of a child. It is also the key to one’s involvement in society.

Kaksi tyttöä lukee kirjoja pöydän ääressä taustalla neljä lasta istuu lattialla lukemassa.

During their four-week Lukuralli Readathon the students are encouraged to read as much as possible – both in school and in their free time as well, while supporting the education of children and youth in Nepal.

Behind the idea for Lukuralli Readathon are two mothers from Espoo, who share a passion for encouraging students to read while doing their share as global citizens.

The key to a better life is education made possible by literacy. For this very reason we want to challenge all Finnish schools to take part in Lukuralli Readathon”, says Pauliina Erätuuli, who held the first Lukuralli Readathon together with Aino Försti-Smith.

The key to a better life is education made possible by literacy.

4 lasta seisoo ja lukee.

With the help of reading sponsors Lukuralli Readathon raises funds for Taksvärkki ry’s work in Nepal. Lukuralli Readathon teaches about the importance of literacy and children’s rights while getting to know the everyday lives of the youth in Nepal.

Further information on Taksvärkki ry’s project in Nepal.

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Taksvärkki ry 
(Operation a Day’s Work Finland)

Funded by youth themselves, Taksvärkki has implemented development co-operation projects for the benefit of the children and the youth of the world for over fifty years.

Taksvärkki is an expert organisation of development co-operation projects and global citizenship education. The development co-operation projects empower young people, promote youth participation in society and defend youth rights in developing countries. With different campaigns and work in the field of global citizenship education Taksvärkki encourages the youth of Finland to take on their global responsibility. Read more about Taksvärkki’s work.

Taksvärkki ry’s fundraising permits in Finland: RA/2021/1029
and ÅLR 2022/4545.

15 €

With 15 euros one adolescent can participate in a four-day training in life management skills.

Especially in secondary school the number of girls going to school falls rapidly. The girls are left without essential knowledge and skills that would help them find jobs and develop their life management skills. The training sessions, during which girls and young women can learn different skills in life management and participation, give them important tools for life and offer possibilities for participation.

50 €

With 50 euros one adolescent can participate in a three-day networking and empowerment camp for girls.

The girls face challenges due to their gender. These challenges stem from the general atmosphere of attitude, prejudice and tradition. During these camps the girls get to share their experiences and knowledge while creating valuable networks. One’s success can inspire and motivate countless others to act on behalf of girls’ rights and participation.

50 €

With 50 euros we can offer one teacher a training session in children’s rights and girls’ participation.

The attitudes of the community and of the teachers highly affect the girls’ studying and academic success. With the help of this training session the teachers gain truthful knowledge concerning children’s rights, girls and boys’ skills and equality. In changing their attitude, the teachers may support girls’ education and act as role models in schools as well as in their communities.