Materials for teachers

We hope that taking part in the Lukuralli Readathon will inspire students to read and also help them see the importance of reading and education.

To support the teacher’s path through the Lukuralli Readathon we have collected a material package which includes everything from the information package to fun exercises for the whole class. The materials will be sent to you after your registration. Some of it can be downloaded from this page.

Lukuralli Readathon supports the transversal competence goals of the curriculum (POPS 2016), such as thinking and learning to learn, multiliteracy and participation, involvement and building a sustainable future. Lukuralli Readathon can be linked to many different subjects and offers a way to get to learn various themes of global education together with the students. Knowledge of the importance of literacy and children’s rights will be gained with the pedagogic material and class exercises, while getting to know the dreams and everyday lives of the children and Nepal.

Lukuralli Readathon can be linked to many subjects

Have a shared reading experience in Finnish or English (or any other language) class for example, sharing thoughts on the importance of reading and books the students have read. In arts class one can draw comics, inspired by the books read or children’s right to education, in crafts class knitting a bookworm could be fun. Children’s rights can also be linked to religious studies. In environmental studies you can get to know Nepal’s geography and discuss the conditions of a good life according to children’s rights and global responsibility.

The Material Package for Lukuralli Readathon

• Readathon passports for students [We will send the passports to the participating school. In case a passport is lost or fills up quickly, you can print a two-sided copy]
• PowerPoint presentation with a script
• Wilma-message sheets for the guardians or parents
• Exercises to do in class + tips [print exercises and tips].

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7 facts on Nepal

Location: Asia
Capital: Kathmandu
Official languages: Nepali
Population: — miljoonaa
National animal:
The most popular sport:
Average number of children per familyn:

More information on Malawi

Malawi is a country in southern Africa, by the coast of Lake Malawi. With population of 18 million, of which 67 % are under the age of 25, Malawi holds great hope for its youth. 72 % of Malawians live below the poverty line (around 1 euro a day).

In Malawi the basic education is for eight years and is free of charge for all students. School supplies, like backpacks, books and school uniforms, are not cost-free. After comprehensive school it is possible to study at upper secondary school and after that one can earn a university degree. After finishing comprehensive school only 11 % of the youth continues to upper secondary; most of them are boys.

Girls’ education is not nearly as valued in Malawi as that of boys’. Obstacles which make girls’ education more difficult include teen pregnancies, forced marriage, time-consuming household chores and poverty. Especially in the countryside the youth are not aware of their options or rights. Due to the attitudes in their societies girls may underestimate their own abilities.

You can read about the thoughts of the Malawian youth and their views on education on our campaign page. More information on Taksvärkki’s development project in Malawi.

It’s important to help students to see why literacy is such an important asset.

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