This is how Lukuralli works

Lukuralli Readathon goes on for four weeks. Before the campaign starts the students will find themselves one – or possibly more than one – reading sponsor. The sponsor can be a parent, guardian, grandparent, other relative, neighbour or other acquaintance. The reading sponsor will commit to a chosen amount of money they will pay for each hour the student reads. The amount does not need to be big; it can be anything from €0,20 to €1,00, for instance. The most important thing is to encourage the student to read as much as possible!

Piirroskuvassa gaselli, kirja ja kello.
Piirroskuvassa gaselli ja kolme kolikkoa.

During the Lukuralli Readathon the students will read both in school and in their free-time as much as they can. They will keep track of their daily reading time in their personal Lukupassi (Reading Passport), provided by Taksvärkki ry. The themes of the campaign will be discussed in class and they include topics such as the importance of education and literacy, children’s rights, as well as the life of children and youth in Nepal.

Students colour in every fifteen minutes they read in their Reading Passports to form full one-hour circles. The students are free to choose what they want to read. It can be anything from children’s books to non-fiction, short stories, comic books etc.  The time spent reading together with an adult, a bed-time story, for instance, can also be counted in.

Piirroskuvassa lyijykynä ja Lukupassi kortti.

Once the Lukuralli Readathon campaign ends the reading sponsor donates the total amount corresponding to the number of reading hours the student has collected. The donation instructions can be found on this page. The donations collected with the Lukuralli campaign will be directed towards Taksvärkki ry’s development co-operation project supporting education and children’s rights in Nepal.

Let’s encourage children to read during the Lukuralli Readathon. There is a moment every day for reading!

New Reading Passport?

In case you have collected plenty of reading hours and filled an entire Lukupassi or lost one you can print new one here:


Donation instructions for reading sponsors

After Lukuralli Readathon has ended the reading sponsor will donate the amount corresponding to the reading hours collected by the student. The donation can be made either

to Taksvärkki ry’s bank account Nordea FI96 1521 3000 1014 53 using the reference number given to the school or

by making a MobilePay transaction (using your smartphone) to Taksvärkki ry’s school specific number.

Both the reference number and the MobilePay number can be found in the Wilma message sent by the teacher or by contacting Taksvärkki ry’s office:
050 3415507 or

Taksvärkki ry’s fundraising 
permits in Finland: RA/2021/1029 and ÅLR 2022/4545.